Primary Sources

# namesort descending author/editor Description region(s) covered period(s) covered
1 Alex Austrian National Library

Official legal documents from the Habsburg and Austrian governments

Central Europe modern, early modern
2 Anno (Austrian Newspapers Online) Austrian National Library

Anno collects a wide variety of Austrian newspapers and other periodicals.

Central Europe modern
3 Arbeiter Zeitung

The Arbeiter Zeitung was the primary Socialist newspaper in Austria from 1889 to 1991. This open collection runs from 1945-1989.

Central Europe modern
4 ARTFL-FRANTEXT Database ARTFL (CNRS and University of Chicago)

A database of "over 3500 texts ranging from classic works of French literature to various kinds of non-fiction prose and technical writing from the 12th to the 20th century." Subscription required.

France modern, early modern, medieval
5 Beowulf manuscript British Library British Isles, Scandinavia medieval
6 Compact Memory

An extensive collection of Jewish newspapers and periodicals.

Central Europe modern
7 Digital Scriptorium Digital Scriptorium consortium of universities

An online collection of medieval and renaissance manuscripts drawn from over forty major American collections. As of September 2012, contains catalog records and high-quality photographs for over 5,000 manuscripts and 24,000 images.

General Europe, Benelux, British Isles, Central Europe, France, Iberian Peninsula, Italy early modern, medieval
8 Digitalized Works on the History of the Middle Rhine Rheinische Landesbibliothek

18th-century works on the history of the Middle Rhine

Central Europe modern, early modern
9 East-Central Europe Sources Cornell University Library Central Europe modern
10 Eurodocs Brigham Young University

A large collection of primary sources, transcribed and translated.

General Europe, Baltic States, Benelux, British Isles, Central Europe, France, Iberian Peninsula, Italy, Russia & Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Southeastern Europe modern, early modern, medieval, ancient
11 Europeana EDL Foundation, Royal Library of the Netherlands

A site run by the Royal Library of the Netherlands, with EU Commission funds, with links to 4.6 million digitized items from national libraries and museums throughout Europe.

General Europe, Baltic States, Benelux, British Isles, Central Europe, France, Iberian Peninsula, Italy, Russia & Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Southeastern Europe modern, early modern, medieval, ancient, prehistorical
12 Göttingen Gutenberg Bible, Model Book and Helmasperger's Notarial Instrument Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttinge

Digitized images of the Göttingen Gutenberg Bible (ca. 1454), the Göttingen Model Book (ca. 1450), and Helmasperger's Notarial Instrument (1455).

Central Europe early modern, medieval
13 Gutenberg Digital

The Gutenberg Digital project, produced by Goettingen State and University Library

Central Europe early modern
14 Hanna Arendt Papers Library of Congress

Hanna Arendt Papers

General Europe, Central Europe modern
15 Herder Institute Collections

The collections of the Herder Institute.

Central Europe modern
16 History of Russia, Primary Documents Euro Docs, Brigham Young University

Roughly 50 links to digitized primary documents. Collection is heavy on the modern era, with only a few links to pre-Revolution sources.

Russia & Eastern Europe modern, early modern, medieval
17 ICON: Newspaper digitization projects International Coalition on Newspapers

A compilation of "past, present, and prospective digitization projects of historic newspapers," arranged alphabetically by country.

General Europe modern, early modern
18 Images from the German Federal Archives German Federal Archives

The German Federal Archives released large number of photographic images to the wikimedia Commons in 2009.

Central Europe modern
19 Intelligenzblatt für die Stadt Bern

The Intelligenzblatt für die Stadt Bern

Central Europe modern
20 Internet Medieval Sourcebook Paul Halsall, Fordham University

An impressive collection of primary sources covering all aspects of the medieval world. Focus is on Europe, with considerable coverage of Byzantium and Islam. One of the standard online sources for reliable primary material.

General Europe, Baltic States, Benelux, British Isles, Central Europe, France, Iberian Peninsula, Italy, Russia & Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Southeastern Europe medieval
21 Kranten

Kranten is a database of newspapers compiled by the Royal Library of the Netherlands.

Benelux modern
22 Mysteries at Eleusis

A guide to the Mysteries at Eleusis

Southeastern Europe ancient
23 National Library of the Faroe Islands Scandinavia modern, early modern
24 Online Gallery, British Library

Contains images of a variety of historically and culturally significant documents.

General Europe, British Isles modern, early modern, medieval, ancient
25 Polish Declarations of Admiration and Friendship for the United States Library of Congress Central Europe modern
26 Rheinland-Pfalz books Landesbibliothekszentrum Rheinland-Pfalz, et. al.

books from the collections of the Landesbibliothekszentrum Rheinland-Pfalz, the Stadtbibliothek Mainz, and the Universitätsbibliothek Trier

Central Europe modern
27 Saganet

Icelandic sagas

Scandinavia medieval
28 The Electronic Grosseteste James R. Ginther, St Louis University

Robert Grosseteste (ca. 1170-1253) was an English theologian, philosopher, and bishop. "The Electronic Grosseteste is a freely accessible, web-based project that supports advanced research in the life and works of Robert Grosseteste specifically, and in medieval studies generally." The site contains electronic versions of Grosseteste's writings and a bibliography of works about him.

General Europe, British Isles medieval
29 zvdd: Das Zentrale Verzeichnis Digitalisierter Drucke

Contains a list of digitization projects.

Central Europe modern